Professional one-off or periodic home and business roof cleaning services

Finejet offer specialist roof cleaning services for a range of property types, including offices, warehouses, houses and garages  - we have the team and equipment required to complete a fully professional cleaning service in the hardest to reach places.

With industry leading technology and experienced staff, we are able to undertake large and small scale roof cleaning with little disruption, minimising access restrictions and inconvenience. Experts in all types of roof cleaning, we have processes in place to avoid cross contamination and all the equipment necessary to deal with all aspects of cleaning at height.



The benefits of a FineJet roof clean

A roof clean can seem like an unnecessary and daunting job. You may find the benefits of getting a regular Soft Wash, Moss Removal or Pressure Wash surprising!

You can maintain the condition of your roof with a professional clean at regular intervals. Shingles and tiles, when left to get dirty, can create damage and therefore require costly repairs.


Roof cleaning, tile cleaning


What can damage your roof?

Mould, algae and moss can cause more harm than you think. A build-up the moss can retain moisture, and with cold temperates it can create damp and unpleasant smells. Seeds, twigs and and leaves can become lodged under tiles due to bad weather causing problems to the materials underneath.

Algae, moss, lichen and twigs can be very harmful to your roof, but airborne substances such as pollution, exhaust fumes, bacteria and soot can all erode your tiles over time.

If the damage builds up and affects the guttering of your house, you may be in for an even more costly repair. Preventing these harmful materials from affecting your roof is the best way to ensure you won’t have any unnecessary repairs.

Pressure Wash or Soft Wash?

We are prepared for all types of roof material from limestone to slate, we use a process called soft washing. A type of low pressure cleaning that sprays surfaces with safe, non-aggressive chemicals, cleaning the mould, bacteria and lichens effectively and without damaging the roof.

Pressure washing can potentially damage certain types of roofing, soft washing ensures we can clean and sanitise home exteriors without the extreme high-pressure.


Roof cleaning, tile cleaning


Moss Removal

Over time just about all roofs suffer from a build up of moss, which can be both unsightly and damaging. FineJet offer a fast and efficient moss removal service for homes and commercial buildings, using specialist equipment and treatments to clear your roof of moss and prevent its immediate return. Our moss removal service includes a complete clean of your gutters and the area surrounding your building after the roof has been cleaned.

Drone Roof Surveys

Identify maintenance requirements safely and efficiently.

With our roof cleaning service we provide an effective and non-traditional roof survey. By using drones we are able to mitigate risk by eliminating the requirement to work at height.

Our professional team of qualified pilots can be on location within 24 hours to conduct the roof survey. Using our powerful analytical software we compile and deliver meaningful reports.

To book a site survey, make an appointment or to have any questions answered, please call our team on 01993 228697 or click the button below to fill in our enquiry form

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